The Importance of the Chemical Composition of Seamless Steel Pipes

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Seamless steel pipes are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry, as well as for pipe piling and hydraulic hoists. Hot rolled strip steel is continuously formed into smooth surfaces. Moreover, higher automated production, combined with continuous visual inspection and hydrostatic testing, assures a steel pipe product of outstanding quality. And because seamless steel pipes are made from flat-rolled steel, they have highly uniform wall thickness.

The grades of seamless steel pipes vary in chemical composition from carbon steel pipes to multi-element ones. Precise control of compositions allows for the manufactures to make products with an array of properties and attributes. When selecting the materials used in manufacturing seamless steel pipes, widely recognized codes and standards made by such organizations as ISO and ASTM should be carefully considered. In general, the product analysis of seamless steel pipes is not allowed to exceed the following standards: Si 0.38%, Ti 0.04%, and V 0.08%. The content of Boron should be shown in the heat analysis as well as the product analysis and should not exceed 0.0005%.

In general, seamless steel pipes are primarily made of steel and other metals. Chemical elements like C, Mn, P, S, Si, V, Nb, Ti vary in accordance with the specific types and manufacturers of seamless steel pipes. For example in one type of API steel pipe PSL 1 made by an American pipe manufacturer, the chemical composition of C is less than 0.25%, Mn 1.20%, P 0.030% and Ti o.o4% while the parameters of the same model produced by an Australian manufacturer reveals that the chemical composition of C is less than 0.24%, Mn 1.10%, P 0.032% and Ti o.o4%.

Temperature is one of the determining factors in the chemical composition of seamless steel pipe. For instance, A333 Gr6 steel pipe is made of non-nickel steel. If the temperature is lower than 1680° C, impurities such as S, P, and N can be detected in the finished products. Impurities may lead to insufficient toughness and brittle fracture while the pipes are used in high-pressure or high-temperature environments. Having clearly understand the importance of the chemical composition, you can know vary the grades of the seamless steel pipes easily.

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