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  • The black steel pipe is a kind of cold rolled products, it can be the shear plate, it also can be a coil. Black steel pipe can be used for various of the final product processing and manufacturing , including containers, trays and toys etc.. After coating the organic coating, black steel pipe becomes the double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe, which shows a good corrosion resistance. What’s more, when it is in the uncoated condition, whether through single cold or two cold rolling steel plate, black steel pipe is very easy to produce rust, double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe is not.

    Over the past 20 years the tinplate industry of black steel pipe, in order to maintain the tin plate in the packaging industry status, there has been in competition with several alternative materials, the main alternative material is plastic, wax paper and aluminum. Speaking of double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe which can also be used on food, beverages and other non food uses, because of its corrosion resistance, formability and weldability, is becoming a main kind of black steel pipe type. The double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe is a new kind of black steel pipe. Tinplate generally has different kinds of oil film surface such as the Sn-Fe alloy layer, the pure tin, or the tin oxide layer. Originally, it is the black steel pipe by annealing and hardening after cold rolling production, but the current trend is to lighter and stronger materials, thus leading to the development of the thickness of tin plate. After annealing and second cold reduction, we can get the double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe.

    Generally speaking, there are several ways for double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe production, and to produce good black steel pipe is a basic foundation. One, with the 2 stand reversible cold rolling mill instead of the commonly used 5 stand tandem cold rolling mill, there can be an annual output of 200000 tons of black steel pipe. The mill equipped with the most modern device controls the flatness of black steel pipe, which ensures the highest quality of the surface of double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe coming after. To use various grades of hydrogen batch annealing production from Tl to T6, black steel pipe in higher level don’t the need the continuous annealing, but it needs to choose the process and material grade to make sure the double-sided pure tin electroplating black steel pipe can be produces. The improved investment saving is great. Especially at the beginning of entering the market and the higher number of black steel pipe companies will save at least $10000000 a year.

  • Because of the API steel pipe is connected with the life of human and production activities. The development of production technology of steel pipe industry is rapidly, the fresh will be brought, API steel pipe production in iron and steel industry occupies an irreplaceable position. The main origin is from chengdu, tianjin, liaocheng, hengyang and so on. Of course, API steel pipe consists of inferior steel pipe and high quality steel pipe, so you should know how to identify them. Folding is formed on the surface of the pipe line, this kind of defect often throughout the entire product longitudinal. Causes of fold is due to the pursuit of the false and inferior, high efficiency, large reduction of API steel pipe. And inferior steel tube appearance often have pitted surface phenomenon. Pits was caused by worn groove steel irregular uneven defects. If you want to pursuit of profit and inferior steel pipe manufacturer, often appear groove rolling the overweight.

    The surface of the inferior steel pipe are prone to scarring for two reasons when it comes to identification of API steel pipe. Firstly, the inferior API steel pipe material uneven, impurities. Secondly, the inferior material manufacturer guide equipment simply, and it is easy to stick steel, these impurities after the roll bite are prone to scarring. Easy generation and inferior material surface crack, the reason is that it's blank is adobe, adobe air, adobe after cooling. Process due to the effect of thermal stress, cracks, after rolling there is crack.

    It is easy to scratch of the inferior API steel pipe, the reason is that the false and inferior steel pipe factory equipment is very simple, which is easy to produce burr, scratch steel surfaces. Deep scratches to reduce the strength of the steel. The inferior steel tube cross-section oval, because in order to save material in the factory of producing API steel pipe. The quantity of the finished product roll before two slants big, the strength of rebar is greatly decreased, but also do not conform to the standard of rebar shape size. API steel pipe is used for the solid and the conveying fluid. It is not only to exchange the heat, manufacturing machinery parts and container. It can reduce light weight and saving metal 20 ~ 40%. And can realize the mechanization of factory construction. API steel pipe to the national economic development and improvement of quality of human life, which is better than the other steel products. From People's Daily appliances, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas supply, ventilation and heating facilities to various kinds of agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing, the development of underground resources and so on.

  • Seamless steel pipes are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry, as well as for pipe piling and hydraulic hoists. Hot rolled strip steel is continuously formed into smooth surfaces. Moreover, higher automated production, combined with continuous visual inspection and hydrostatic testing, assures a steel pipe product of outstanding quality. And because seamless steel pipes are made from flat-rolled steel, they have highly uniform wall thickness.

    The grades of seamless steel pipes vary in chemical composition from carbon steel pipes to multi-element ones. Precise control of compositions allows for the manufactures to make products with an array of properties and attributes. When selecting the materials used in manufacturing seamless steel pipes, widely recognized codes and standards made by such organizations as ISO and ASTM should be carefully considered. In general, the product analysis of seamless steel pipes is not allowed to exceed the following standards: Si 0.38%, Ti 0.04%, and V 0.08%. The content of Boron should be shown in the heat analysis as well as the product analysis and should not exceed 0.0005%.

    In general, seamless steel pipes are primarily made of steel and other metals. Chemical elements like C, Mn, P, S, Si, V, Nb, Ti vary in accordance with the specific types and manufacturers of seamless steel pipes. For example in one type of API steel pipe PSL 1 made by an American pipe manufacturer, the chemical composition of C is less than 0.25%, Mn 1.20%, P 0.030% and Ti o.o4% while the parameters of the same model produced by an Australian manufacturer reveals that the chemical composition of C is less than 0.24%, Mn 1.10%, P 0.032% and Ti o.o4%.

    Temperature is one of the determining factors in the chemical composition of seamless steel pipe. For instance, A333 Gr6 steel pipe is made of non-nickel steel. If the temperature is lower than 1680° C, impurities such as S, P, and N can be detected in the finished products. Impurities may lead to insufficient toughness and brittle fracture while the pipes are used in high-pressure or high-temperature environments. Having clearly understand the importance of the chemical composition, you can know vary the grades of the seamless steel pipes easily.

  • What is black steel pipe?DateFri Jan 17, 2014 7:30 am

    You need to clean the pipes first. Remove all the dirt or rust from the black iron pipes and welded steel pipes with the rags or wire brush. You are advised to choose the API steel pipe from a reliable supplier. Since you need to weld them together, the paint and grease should be removed as well. Place the pipes on the work table. Position the pipes in the right location that you want to weld them and you could hold them securely with a bench vise. During the welding process, the pipes should be located in place.

    In order to insure your safety, you should better wear the welding gloves and helmet during welding process. Any skin which is exposed should be covered in case of getting burned. You are advised to choose the black steel pipe from a reliable supplier. Then you could connect the grounding clamp with the work table. Run the welder to weld the parts where the pipes are connected. Make sure that the weld could cover the entire surface of the connection.

    When the pipes get cool, you need to remove the weld spatter with a wire brush. Finally, you could remove the welded steel pipe from the bench vise. In order to make the pipes more resistant to rust, you could paint the pipes. You are advised to choose the welded steel pipe from a reliable supplier. Choose the proper paint according to your applications. You could test the quality after welding process by applying pressure to the connection parts.
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